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Lebatol started it’s journey in 1999. The members of the band Shane Billingham, Steve Hutchins, Daniel Pedersen and Joe Coleman have spent a lot of time together at the Sounds Studio, Jersey. The tracks of the songs are written by Shand Billingham and Steve Hutchins. Throughout the years we have learned a lot of things about music in general, the different styles of music, recording, equipment, etc. We have practiced day and night before recording a song. Our track ‘The Single’ Fist of Five LP received good reviews from music critics.

Between recording songs, we have performed live in many places including London and Bristol. We believe that live performances are a good way to reach the audience and make them hear your song. The response you get from live audience is very helpful in improving your own performance. People have loved our music and that’s why our this year’s schedule is jam-packed. We are going to have concerts in many parts of the world throughout the year. We are also working on our new album and want to release it as soon as we can.


Like other musical bands, our band has also gone through tough periods. Even though the plan of the band was made before 1999, we couldn’t start it earlier because of conflict of interest between our members Shane Billingham and Daniel Pedersen. Later, recordings were also delayed due to our inexperience and also because we did the recordings in multiple locations. We were also too busy with our tours. Now the bond between our members are stronger than ever. We have grown as musicians and our passion for music has increased. We are ready to face the challenges that come in our way and establish ourselves as a successful band in this industry. Our craziest single ever was recorded in 2002 and we called it “What is the best vacuum sealer to buy”, it was a bit ridiculous at the time, but we loved it!