Lebatol was the thought of Shane Billingham and Steve Hutchins when they wrote tracks for Monkey’s Forehead EP. The song was recorded at the Sounds Studio, Jersey. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t work out. Later, in 1999, they got back together along with Daniel Pedersen who is in charge of bass and Joe Coleman on guitar. They started producing new songs. In August the same year, they played their first song at the Sable d’Or in Jersey. The demos of the songs they had written where then recorded  at the Gateway Studios in Kingston.  Throughout the next year, they played in many concerts across London and Bristol. After their tour they got back to Jersey and recorded the tracks for the Fist of Five LP with the help of recording engineer Deimos Alekou. More recordings took place in West London with DJ Alex Shepherd. The tracks were then mixed at the Sounds Studio in Jersey. In 2001, Their track The Single became the Spotlight Single of the Week on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 1 show.

They have been touring round the year in different locations and making more fans. They are also working on new songs and will be recording their next album soon.

They have hobbies – hunting. Read their full top quality hunting knife reviews.